Shiatsu on line







Shiatsu On Line has come about since the beginning of Covid 19 Lock down.  Since I am not able to practice Shiatsu face to face it is clear to me that a lot of what I do in a Shiatsu session can take place on line.

I offer 2 ways in which we can connect in the Shiatsu field…

  • One is a body centred enquiry.  This is what I normally do at the beginning of the session. We ask questions so that the body can speak and reveal what is happening on all levels.  Given more time than part of a Shiatsu session it can be very supportive and healing, bringing you more into the present and into your body.  Your own hands are part of this as you connect to yourself.  This can take up to 1 hour if needed.
  • Another way is this body centred enquiry together with a Distance Healing Shiatsu.  The Distance Shiatsu part requires you to lie somewhere safe and comfortable for 30 minutes and imagine you are in the Shiatsu room receiving.  We are connected energetically and I work with organs and the Meridians (energy pathways in the body).  I make visual notes during the session that I send to you for your information.  The whole session takes 1 hour.
All this I offer for anything between £10 and £45 for this time when I cannot see you face to face. It is entirely up to you.