About Me

I feel touched and inspired by the giving of shiatsu and the facilitating of others to express and explore their deeper selves and am constantly developing and learning as I work.

I am an experienced  Shiatsu practitioner and Artist (DipShi, MRSS, BAHons). I studied at the Devon School of Shiatsu and Fine Art/Sculpture in London and hold a Certificate in Education (CertEd post 16)

I am a registered member of the Shiatsu Society and on the CNHC register of practitioners and the Association of Therapeutic Healers.

I run Shiatsu and Rhythmic Healing practices in Exeter and Ashburton, Devon, South West England.

I worked for many years with Meditation Teacher Roshi John Garrie in the UK and with Movement Artist Suprapto Suryodarmo in Indonesia and UK.

I developed my movement art work giving performances and creating art and spaces with teachers Helen Poynor and Sandra Reeve.   I Studied Body Mind Attunement and Rhythmic Healing with Ruth Noble working with people who want to explore and heal the deeper traumas held in the body.

Most profoundly through the teaching of Adam Bradpiece in ‘This Movement’ I have developed a deep sense of  embodied presence.  I know what its like to feel my life force flow through my being and find the depth of peace and love that comes from experiencing my essential nature.  Through this work I continue to explore what stops me from living in a more full and connected way.

I hold this interest and practice at the core of my daily life, informing me of deeply who I really am and how to support myself to be more accepting and welcoming of how I turn up in all my differing ways.

I value being as present as I can with all of who I am with the people I work with and am profoundly grateful to all my teachers.